Water Heater Repair – How to Spot a Plumbing Leak

Before calling a plumber, you should inspect your water heater for any signs of leakage. Even small ones may not be easy to detect right away. You may also notice rust on the unit or inside it. In this case, you should call Water Heater Repair Sarasota professional to fix the problem. In many cases, it is possible to solve the issue on your own. To get started, turn the power back on to your water heater and look for loose bolts and screws.


If you notice discoloration or smell in your water, you may have a plumbing leak. This is a common problem, but you may be able to repair it. First, you should call a plumber to install a whole house water filter to address the underlying problem. To ensure the installation of a whole house water filter, you must first remove the unit from the house. If this does not fix the problem, you should consider installing a whole-house water filter.

A professional can also save you money by relighting the pilot light, but be sure to read the manual first. This is a potentially dangerous process. It can also cause more serious damage to your water heater and your home. Regardless of the cause, it is always best to call a plumber to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. If you can figure out the cause, you can contact a plumber and let them do the work.

If the problem is with the thermocouple, the only solution is to replace it. This is an important part of the heating system because it triggers the gas control valve when water gets too hot. If the thermocouple fails, the water heater will not ignite the burner. To repair this, shut off the gas and wait for the water to cool down before you start working. Otherwise, the problem could recur. If you do it yourself, the problem might get worse.

If your water heater is older than 15 years, you may want to consider hiring a plumber. They can drain the tank and fix it for you. However, it may be cheaper to replace the entire unit, especially if it is still under warranty. If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to call a plumber for repairs. They will charge a standard hourly rate and will be able to diagnose the problem for you.

If you suspect a leak, you may need to replace the whole unit. It is important to remember that the pressure valve can be replaced separately from the tank, costing anywhere from $20 to $200. To avoid the risk of injury to yourself or your family, it is essential to know what parts are in the water heater. Knowing where the power source is and where the water shutoff valve is is crucial to prevent the water from flooding your home.

If you notice that your water heater is not working properly, you should contact a plumber immediately. A plumber can diagnose the problems and fix them. If you have a gas water heater, resetting the circuit breaker can solve the problem. An electrical water heater can also be repaired by relighting the pilot flame. The problem may not be a leak, but call a plumber if you’re worried about safety.

A tripped high-temperature cutoff can also cause the problem. The thermostat controls the temperature of water in your home. If it is tripped, you should replace it. It is relatively inexpensive to replace a thermostat, but it is essential to replace it if the other part is damaged. In addition, it is important to make sure the thermostat is working properly. If it is not, call a plumber. If you can’t, consider repairing the whole unit.

A plumber should check the water heater periodically to ensure it is running properly. This is especially true of tank-type water heaters, which can last for decades without repairs. For gas heaters, a professional should diagnose if the pressure relief valve is functioning properly. If the water heater is not working, you should call a plumber. If the pressure relief valve isn’t working, it means that the pressure is too high.